British Horse Society and Nottinghamshire Police Promoting Horse Safety

A shocking 69 horses were killed on our roads last year said The British Horse Society.

Nottinghamshire Police is helping to get the word out about how people can help reduce the rate of deaths among horses on the road.

“To stop these tragic incidents from happening, we are urging drivers to slow down to 10mph when passing a horse,” said a spokesman from The British Horse Society.

The horse on the left is barely visible whereas the one on the right stands out more.

Image: British Horse Society.

“Be patient, don’t sound your horn or rev the engine.

“Pass the horse wide and slow, with at least a 2 metre gap and no more than 10 miles per hour”.

“Drive slowly away.”

Passing by too closely or too quickly could put both the horse and rider’s safety at risk, as well as your own.

The British Horse Society is also encouraging riders to reduce the risk to their horses.

“In line with our commissioned research into the visibility of riders, the British Horse Society always recommends wearing hi-visibility clothing and lights when riding or carriage driving,” added the society’s spokesman.

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