Horses in Loughborough Area Removed Following Concerns

It’s fair to say that over the week when Leicestershire had flooding early in 2024, Leicestershire Police had a lot of calls about horses in poor condition in the Loughborough area.

The rural team assisted the RSPCA and Leicestershire Horse Watch with the safe removal of 13 horses from land off Flesh Hovel Lane, Barrow upon Soar.

The horses had been abandoned on council owned land and an abandonment notice issued under the Control of Horses Act 2015.

The Act allows the landowner to issue a notice for the removal of horses. If horses have not been removed within 96 hours (4 working days) of the notice being issued, the horses may be detained by the landowner to do with as they will.

On this occasion the landowner has instructed their removal and they have been placed in the care of the RSPCA and Horse Watch.

Landowners- If you have issues with fly grazing on your land, there is lots of advice and Proforma notices on the British Horse Society Website.

A big thanks to everyone involved – not least those volunteers who helped.

Further details on the Control of Horses Act can be found on our website –

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