Recent Rise in Theft of Horse Riding Equipment near Malton Prompts Further Police Night Time Patrols by North Yorkshire Police

In response to a recent spate of horse-riding equipment, horsebox, flatbed truck and trailer thefts in the area between Malton and York, North Yorkshire Police is continuing to carry out proactive night-time patrols along the southern border of Ryedale.

The aim is to detect and deter this criminal activity which is causing a great deal of upset and anger in the rural communities affected.

Detective Inspector Ryan Chapman, from the Scarborough and Ryedale Investigation Hub, said: “Last week, we arrested five men in connection with these incidents. They have been released on condition bail while enquiries continue.

“Our proactive patrols are continuing along the southern Ryedale border to relentlessly pursue such offenders, bring them to justice, and recover any horse-riding equipment, horseboxes, flatbed trucks and trailers that have been stolen.

“We are deploying a range of specialist policing teams and tactics to tackle this issue, some of which are carried out during the hours of darkness when these incidents have typically been occurring.

“We are stopping vehicles that we come across overnight and obtaining driver and passenger details.

“If you are up to no good, you will be arrested there and then, and your vehicle will be seized.

“At the very least, we are building intelligence on the vehicles operating in the area which may prove to be crucial in the future.”

DI Chapman added: “At those locations that have sadly been targeted, we are carrying out detailed forensic, CCTV and neighbourhood enquiries as part of the investigations.

“Policing teams are also visiting local horse-riding centres and stables in the area to offer crime prevention advice to help keep offenders at bay.

“We are also urging people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or people via the North Yorkshire Police website or by calling 101.

“Always dial 999 for an emergency response if you believe a crime is taking place.

“Information can also be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“Always trust your gut instinct; if something doesn’t look or feel right, it’s best to report it so we can check it out.”

Crime prevention advice to make horseboxes, flatbed trucks and trailers more secure

Consider making them difficult to remove by:

Shackling them together or chaining them to a hitch secured to the ground or a strong building

Lock or immobilise vehicles and equipment when not in use

Remove keys from horseboxes, flatbed trucks and any other vehicles that are left unattended

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